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ウェルカムウィンタ`の斌瞳には3Nの撹蛍が根まれています :

1. エッセンシャルオイルの 100% (Essential Oil 100%)
2. グレ`プシ`ドオイル  (Grape Seed Oil)
3. 懲画撹蛍 (Green Tea Extract)

グレ`プシ`ドオイルはオイルの嶄で恷も謹くビタミンCが根まれている貧、恷もアレルキ`來がなく、どなたにとってもしい撹蛍だと冱われています。それ參翌に、オイルはの谷の邦蛍を嫌する森があり、にいを嚥え、祐んだを徭隼な胆しさを函りします。 see more information . . .

see more information . . .



そして恷瘁に懲画撹蛍はのiけ谷嚠契森があります。The University of Maryland Medical Centerの冩梢によると、にする森はの撹Lを陥Mする森があるといわれています。あいにくz姉圓列のiけ谷は岷すことはできませんが、5-alpha-recuctaseを契峭する森もJめられています。5-alpha-recuctaseはtestosteroneをDHTに笋─iけ谷の圻咀となる撹蛍です。

Sources :

これらの斌瞳はGMPによりで隠嬾されています。GMP は瞳|砿尖のY鯉で、輝Y鯉はウェルカムウィンタ`の奮瞳式びu瞳が、峻に芦畠で悶に唹を嚥えるような麗|を根まない並をJめるものです。畠ての斌瞳は、忽H児覆念家砿尖がされています。 see more information . . .

GMP は奮瞳u夛の砿尖Y鯉である Good Manufacturing Practice の待各であり、GMPはu夛侭はもちろんのこと、u夛垢殻、圻可創砿尖、隠砿侭、塘僕砿尖、l伏議h砿尖にまで式びます。


WELCOME WINTER products, our entire products have the certificate of Food and Drug Administration guaranteed that our entire products using controlable level of ingredients and have no dangerous ingredients in Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment, so that consumer can make sure that our products are safe to use.

┘`ヨ`は (Food and Drug Administration)の待であり、タイの Ministry Of Public Helthの匯何として、宗慎a瞳をM宀の芦畠のQ泣から便る叨朕を毅っています。宗慎a瞳とは奮瞳、a瞳、晒瞳を根み、これら斌瞳の瞳|に芦畠の隠嬾と佚喘を嚥えます。箭えば、嗟っぽい|の圭は盒箸慮澆ぅ轡礇鵐廩`を聞ったほうがいいとされるのは、^討械とvBする^です。^に缶爾を嚥えすぎ、を牢いすぎによるもので、蒙にのLい繁は玉いの繁より返秘れが駅勣となります。をとくことで_Jすることができます。缶爾を嚥えて、の谷を哈っぱったり、の谷をl訓に牢う並はiけ谷の圻咀となります。院谷につながります。たいていの圭は院谷を契ぐために、Lすぎるは閲けています。

The Cosmetic Committee

By the section 10 of Cosmetic Act B.E. 2535 (1992), the Cosmetic Committee is responsible for providing the suggestions or recommendations to the Minister of Public Health on matters pertaining to cosmetics. The Committee is also responsible for providing advice or opinions on registration and revocation of registration of specially controlled cosmetics as well as all other issues concerning cosmetic regulations.


The Listings of Cosmetic Ingredients

Ingredients are the key to cosmetic safety control. Hence, ingredients are revised, studied and considered before being approved by the Cosmetic Committee. The maximum allowable concentration of each ingredient is designated and issued as a Ministerial Notification. There are five listings of cosmetic ingredients designated, namely prohibited substances, specially controlled substances, controlled substances, colorants and preservatives.

Prohibited substances are the ingredients that must not form as part of cosmetic products except under the conditions laid down. Any products found to contain prohibited substances will be banned and confiscated. Consequently, the person responsible for placing such products on the market will be charged with distribution of hazardous products.

Specially controlled substances are the ingredients that may cause a seriously harmful effect to human health if the used concentrations exceed the maximum allowable levels and the products are used carelessly or inappropriately other than indicated.

Controlled substances are the ingredients that may cause harmful effects if the used concentrations exceed the maximum allowable levels.

The instructions for use of specially controlled ingredients or controlled ingredients will indicate the type of pre-marketing approvals for which the products are applied as described in pre-marketing activities.


As our Research and Development has proved that Grape Seed Oil has the highest level of Vitamin E, but why Vitamin E is important to our body and other viitamins have any other benefits to skin and hair. What kinds of Food, Vegetables and Fruits have any vitamins there see more informations . . .

WINTER Charming Shampoo for Oilly Hairは徨工ののように。次に恷もしいグレ`プシ`ドオイルの撹蛍が根まれているため、アレルギ`になることは蓮です。シャンプ`、コンディショナ`、トリ`トメントを恬るため、ビタミンCが謹く、恷も措い殆可をxびました。その撹蛍は5Nがあります :

1. Grape Seed Oil
2. Apricot Kernel Oil
3. Olive Oil
4. Avocado Oil
5. Coconut Oil



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